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Client Case Study
Breadner Trailers + Karmak’s Ecosystem


About the Customer

Breadner Trailers is a trailer selling and leasing company with more than 50 years of experience as a full-service semi-trailer dealership providing, with a customer-centric approach, equipment solutions and maintenance and repair services in the transportation industry. Karmak is a global Dealership Management System (DMS) SaaS company with 40 years in the market and over 600 customers in more than 2,000 locations across North America.


Customer Partners

The Challenge

DMS Saas companies need to adapt to the high demands of their stakeholders and process complex amounts of data. Whenever a company wanted to integrate Karmak with their existing ecosystem,  Karmak’s in-house development team would be responsible for completing the integration. One of Karmak’s customers (and Weavik’s client) Breadner, wanted to solve some of their underlying problems with their trailer’s yard technology. Breadner needed a way to leverage Karmak's ecosystem, while customizing the tech to their own needs and updating their internal infrastructure.


Our Approach

Our Timeline

3 weeks
3 weeks
16 weeks
Development for first integrations
Ongoing support and continued integrations

Services & Tools

  • API Integrations
  • Customer Experience
  • Design
Tech & Tools
  • Figma, Miro, Jira
  • React Native for App Building
  • Node JS for integrations
1 Discovery, Alignment & Expectations

The first step is always a good discovery. We met with Breadner’s executive team and those working directly with their technologies to map out workflows, preferences, and goals.  

2 Creating A Flow

The Weavik team then started to create a flow of retrieving and sending vehicle data from Breadner’s yard app to Karmak's database. This included facilitating the tracking of vehicles’ checking-in and out of the yard, developing smart work-order execution cards, and managing yard inventory.

3 Connecting The Dots

In order to ensure nothing was lost in translation, we worked directly with Karmak’s engineering team to connect API and did bi-weekly stand ups with Karmak and Breadner’s team

Immediate Project Outcomes

State-of-the-art data & trailer management.

The team built an android/iOS mobile app that enables Breadner’s customers to remotely check-in and out vehicles to their yard with full integration into their own workflows.

Enabled Breadner to fully integrate their new yard app with Karmak’s software as a central repository of data and improve their own quality of data and insights.


Adjacent Outcomes

The importance of asking the right questions.

Payment Reporting Insights

The questions Weavik asked throughout the process helped improve Karmak's own Accounts Receivable and Payable reporting system. This has since allowed some of their other customers to better understand their own internal financial metrics.

Next-Level Integration Capabilities

On top of that, Karmak now can offer ecosystem partners high-quality integrations through Weavik (and other development companies). This includes Karmak being able to integrate directly with competitors like CETARIS, CUPPA, and Bright Orders/Emdecs (all of which the Weavik team has now worked directly with).