Karmak Integrations: Save Money & Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry

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Time is money. That’s why you use tools like Karmak Fusion to streamline critical operations like sales, maintenance, accounting, and inventory. But what happens when Fusion doesn’t automatically sync with all the other apps you need to run your transport business? Believe it or not, there’s a way to get useful data into and out of Karmak Fusion without tedious manual data entry: Fusion integrations.

Weavik’s Fusion integrations seamlessly bridge the gap between Fusion and the other software tools you need to run your business. And the best part, it doesn’t require you to change your current workflow or train your staff on any new, expensive software tools.

  • Never enter the same data twice. Integrate Karmak Fusion with your entire data management system so everyone’s always on the same page.
  • Quit looking at binders and spreadsheets. Turn Fusion into a centralized dashboard that displays and analyzes your data in real-time.
  • Improve inventory management. Analyze part details, quantities, vendors, and more to cut costs and make smarter purchases.
  • Auto-convert to VMRS. Have a customer or supplier using non-standard codes? Let Fusion convert everything into VMRS automatically.
  • Start doing predictive maintenance. Use historical and real-time data from work orders, telematics, and more to stop breakdowns before they happen.

Leveraging Karmak’s Unity API, Weavik’s integrations let Fusion to “talk” to your CRM, predictive maintenance algorithms, business intelligence, and even your vehicle telematics. Weavik is the only Karmak-certified and supported software integrator in the world to do this. Weavik’s integrations are helping commercial transportation businesses to:

  • Prevent breakdowns with predictive maintenance to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Keep everyone on the same page with seamless data management across your business.
  • End tedious data entry by converting non-standard codes into VMRS automatically.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity using data and business analytics.
  • Make smarter purchase decisions with better insight on part performance details, quantities, vendors, and more.

It’s easy. Just reach out to Weavik’s Fusion integrations experts to get started.

Fusion Integrations: 3 Ways to Go Beyond Karmak & Automate Your Business

A Look at How Weavik Has Helped Three Commercial Transport Businesses Solve Problems with Fusion Integrations

1. Job Code StandardizationWhat happens when your biggest customer insists you use their non-standard job codes instead of VMRS? Since Fusion only speaks VMRS, you’ll have to translate and enter the non-standard codes manually. Manual entry leads to errors, of course.

One of the companies we’ve worked with nearly lost its biggest contract over this exact issue. This client, a repair shop, serviced a supermarket chain that used proprietary job codes instead of VMRS. After months of challenges, our client got an ultimatum: get Karmak Fusion working with the non-standard codes or get out. So, they called Weavik.

Solution: Automatic VMRS Integration for Karmak Fusion Weavik’s Fusion team built a custom integration that syncs the supermarket’s non-standard job codes with Karmak’s VMRS system. Now, Fusion accepts the non-standard job codes without any problems. It has allowed the shop to keep their best customer and extend the contract for another year. In fact, the supermarket customer was so happy with the results they sent their other suppliers to Weavik as well!

Stop entering data manually. Talk to a Weavik integrations expert now.

2. Predictive Maintenance

Let’s look at another Weavik client: a semi-trailer rental company drowning in maintenance costs. They needed to keep as much of the fleet on the road as possible while keeping repair costs low. Any change in price or performance can make a huge difference across an entire fleet. So, Weavik helped the client connect Fusion to the client’s maintenance intelligence system, allowing data to flow between the two systems.

Data on work orders, maintenance records, and parts inventory were compiled into an easy-to-read dashboard that updated in real-time. It enabled their team to predict breakdowns, production interruptions, and extra costs in advance, so they could repair units and buy parts ahead of time.

Solution: Predictive Maintenance Integration for Karmak Fusion Fleet maintenance costs dropped almost immediately after this solution was put in place. The team was able to predict breakdowns before they occurred, and they were well prepared to repair the equipment in a timely manner. Today, it’s amazing how much more profit they’re seeing just by reducing downtime and keeping trucks on the road.

The rental fleet is more reliable, which makes their customers happier, too. More and more of their business comes from referrals.

Reduce maintenance costs by reducing breakdowns with predictive maintenance. Talk to a Weavik integrations expert now.

3. Parts and Yard Inventory

Don’t you hate it when OEMs don’t use VMRS on their packaging? You have to dig through VMRS databases to find the right number, then plug it into Fusion by hand. Mistakes happen, and next thing you know, someone’s pulling the wrong part off the shelf for a repair.

If you manage a fleet, you know how important it is to maximize every maintenance dollar spent. Without good data, it’s impossible to assess the performance of specific parts and components at scale. This is another case where Weavik’s Fusion integrations make a huge difference.

Solution: Parts and Yard Inventory Management

Weavik recently developed an integration for another commercial transportation customer to help with parts and inventory management. This integration aggregates data from Fusion and other databases for the purpose of providing performance statistics about specific parts in the client’s inventory.

Using this information, the client is making informed decisions about what components and parts to buy, reducing expenditures on fleet components, and improving fleet performance. Plus, when Fusion integrates seamlessly with inventory management software, tracking parts and yard stock is easy. No more incorrect parts pulled from shelves.

Get better insight on parts details, quantities, vendors, and more. Talk to a Weavik integrations expert now.

You Can Trust Weavik with Your Fusion Integrations

Karmak Fusion integrations are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They’re custom applications that must be built to fit your data management ecosystem, accounting for the software you use and the problem you’re trying to solve. Weavik is the only custom Fusion integration developer that is actually certified and supported by Karmak Inc.

Karmak picked Weavik for a reason: Weavik gets projects done on time and on budget, with integrations that are seamless and simple to use. Our clients are companies like yours with similar challenges and goals. We know your industry and the challenges you’re facing.

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