Driving Innovation with a Founder-First Approach
“I can’t thank you enough! The support and guidance provided has made all the difference in our success! Just having such an incredible team to help build my product has been fantastic, and I tell everyone I meet about you and the team!"
A photo of Kara LeBlanc

Kara LeBlanc, Med Reddie

“We needed a partner that was nimble like a start up, but had the expertise to help us and grow with us through our journey. After vetting several partners we picked Weavik because of the people, how easy it was to work with them and their efficient and cost effective way of working. They were patient with us, helped us understand the journey we were embarking on, and helped us not only innovate but solve problems along the way. Would highly recommend them to any start up.”
A photo of John Matthews

John Matthews, Inkwell

How It Works
Tailored Support

Companies come to us at different stages of their journey, so we:

  • Assign a core team to work alongside founders.
  • Invest via SAFEs, both through in-kind and cash injections.
  • Start companies in the appropriate stage and propel them forwards.
How We Show Up

What we actually do is:

  • Validate early sales funnel for early traction and scale efforts after launch.
  • Design and Build out product (MVP and beyond).
  • Drive strategic partnerships and fundraising efforts.
The Evolution of Ventures

Ventures evolved out of our collective’s traditional design and development services.

Working with our main ventures partner, SnapPea Design, over the last 18 months, we've helped validate, design, build, and launch 5 new products/companies, grew multiple sales marketing funnels/early revenue, and helped raise $3M+ for expansion into new markets.

We’ll Share the Risk With You
We believe that hard conversations are necessary to build great products. It is only through honest communication and ongoing joint investment that we help companies drive forward.
Some of Our Existing Partners & Clients
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