Facilitating Breadner Trailers’ leap towards digital excellence, Weavik reshaped their operations, paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.



Elimination of Data Inconsistencies
Elimination of Data Inconsistencies
Improvement in accounts receivable and payable reporting system efficiency.



Error Margin in Data Entry
Error Margin in Data Entry
Increased return on investment for customers by tailoring products to specific needs.



Statistic here
Statistic here
Customer churn due to software integration issues post Weavik intervention.
What we worked on:

Product Ideation & Strategy

UI/UX Design

Mobile Application Development

System Integration

Data Management

Automation & Process Optimization

IoT Implementation


Security Measures

Compliance Consultation

Change Management Support

The Challenge

Despite its extensive industry experience, Breadner Trailers was struggling with manual data processing, leading to inconsistencies and an increased risk of losing visibility and control over their yard inventory.

The double-entry process for trailer check-ins was not only time-consuming but also prone to human error, posing a significant challenge.

Our Approach

We conducted an in-depth analysis of Breadner’s operations, fully understanding their unique business needs and system flow. Leveraging our expertise in technology, we identified key areas for improvement and devised a comprehensive plan to modernize their tracking, yard management and asset management processes.

Our team built a new yard app using React Native, streamlining the trailer check-in process. We also integrated this app with Karmak software, Breadner Trailers' central data repository, which led to a single entry flow, eliminating data inconsistencies and reducing liability risk.

The Outcome

Our cutting-edge solutions have revolutionized their operational ecosystem, enabling them to manage more trailers efficiently, eliminating data inconsistency, reducing the margin of human error to zero, and saving countless hours that were previously consumed in trailer check-ins.

This has resulted in an overall enhancement in their operational productivity and business performance.

More Work

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Product Strategy and Roadmapping

Mobile Application Development

API Integration

Real-Time Data Management

Workflow Automation

Elevating Karmak’s SaaS platform by resolving integration challenges, Weavik’s expertise ensured customer satisfaction and retention while expanding service offerings.

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Full-Stack Development

Custom API Integrations

Cybersecurity Measures

Agile Project Management

MVP Development & Launch

Designing a secure open banking platform that harmonizes regulatory compliance with customer-centric financial control.

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