Elevating Karmak’s SaaS platform by resolving integration challenges, Weavik’s expertise ensured customer satisfaction and retention while expanding service offerings.



Elimination of Data Inconsistencies
Elimination of Data Inconsistencies
Improvement in accounts receivable and payable reporting system efficiency.



Error Margin in Data Entry
Error Margin in Data Entry
Increased return on investment for customers by tailoring products to specific needs.



Statistic here
Statistic here
Customer churn due to software integration issues post Weavik intervention.
What we worked on:

Product Strategy and Roadmapping

Mobile Application Development

API Integration

Real-Time Data Management

Workflow Automation

Comprehensive QA

Deployment Support and Guidance

UI/UX Design

Technical Consultation

Product Maintenance


The Challenge

Karmak, a global SaaS company with an impressive client portfolio, faced significant challenges regarding product integration within diverse customer ecosystems. Their goal of ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction necessitated seamless integration with the customers’ existing systems, including those of competitors. This complex task required an adaptable approach and meticulous execution to prevent customer churn and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Approach

Acknowledging the unique needs of each customer, we embarked on a comprehensive understanding of Karmak’s products and their clients’ existing systems. We worked closely with Karmak’s R&D team, with our main focus laying in automating processes and reducing unproductive manual work, making the customer experience as effortless as possible.

Weavik engineered a data-flow system to effectively manage vehicle data between the yard app and Karmak's database, overseeing check-ins/outs, work orders, and yard inventory. Leveraging React Native and Node.js, we crafted an Android/iOS app offering remote check-ins/outs fully integrated with Karmak's system. This solution refined Karmak’s accounts receivable and payable reporting systems, enabling ecosystem partners to gain comprehensive insights into their financial metrics.

The Outcome

Through our expertise, Karmak significantly enhanced its service offerings and customer experience, achieving zero churn rate post-integration. The partnership fortified Karmak’s position as a versatile SaaS provider and paced the way for additional internal 3rd party app development.

The increased return on investment and the elevated customer satisfaction underscore the strength of Weavik’s customized solutions.

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